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Canfield, OH

Canfield’s Source for Better Skincare

Improve, protect, and maintain healthy skin with personalized care at The Skin Suite. Our targeted treatments are customized to your unique needs, working to complement and combat the various factors of your lifestyle and body chemistry. With monthly professional trainings, our team is able to offer the best available products, treatments, and techniques known to science for ensuring the health and best appearance of your skin.

Whether you have anti-aging goals or simply want to relax, we have a full selection of treatments to meet your needs. From our infrared saunas to our collagen-boosting nano infusion facials, guests love our comprehensive offerings. Explore our menu and discover a better, more holistic spa experience to bring out the best qualities of your skin.

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Elevate Your Skincare

Explore Some of Our Spa Services

Custom Facials

Our advanced facial treatments are specifically designed for your unique needs to establish a beautiful, healthy appearance.

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Make shaving a thing of the past with body and facial waxing that simplifies your hygiene routine and puts your skin’s wellness first.

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Infrared Saunas

Discover the relaxation and detoxifying benefits of our steamless infrared saunas, where comfort and health meet skin prep.

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Improve & Repair

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Eliminate the guesswork from your skincare routine—work with our trained estheticians to develop your holistic, detailed treatment plan and accomplish your skin goals. Enjoy personalized attention and customized treatments at every appointment.

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