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Cleanse & Restore

Dirt, free radicals, and the natural signs of aging are all problems that tend to live on the uppermost layers of our skin. They can greatly affect our appearance and our self-esteem, in addition to being a sign that our skin cells need cleansing and nutrients. Experience a true skin refresh with dermaplaning—an advanced exfoliation technique in which a single-use surgical scalpel is used to shave away the topmost layers of skin.

Unlike shaving at home, this technique is intended for precise healing and cellular restoration. With special instruments, careful pre-treatment cleansing, and designated post-treatment care, our guests can reduce the appearance of acne scars, pitted skin, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and more. At The Skin Suite, this exfoliating facial is one of our preferred ways of inducing healing and cell regeneration.

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Powerful Skin Resurfacing

Revitalize your appearance with thorough care and specialized precision.

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Refresh & Regenerate

Dermaplaning in Boardman, OH

Also called microplaning, this minimally invasive procedure clears away dead, deteriorated skin cells and fine hairs from the topmost layers of your skin to promote a clean, glowing appearance. While some people may get dermaplaning to remove unwanted peach fuzz, it is designed for healing, and hair removal is only a side effect. By removing dead cells, guests bring healthy, young cells to the surface, promoting skin wellness and a fresher look overall.

Enjoy Precision

Our licensed estheticians are trained to use specialized razors designed for exfoliation that won’t damage or tear your skin like regular razors might.

See Results

Dermaplaning is a specialized exfoliation that offers visible results including a brighter, glowing appearance and fresh, healthy skin cells.

Combine Treatments

Once your skin has acclimated to any necessary pre-treatments, we often combine dermaplaning with other specialized procedures for even more powerful results.

No-Downtime Treatment

Enjoy Healthy Skin Resurfacing

The single-use nature of dermaplaning scalpels is one of the key factors in their precision and their ability to benefit guests. It is designed as a highly sanitary and potent treatment method thanks to our thorough skin preparation and nurturing aftercare recommendations. By clearing away dead and deteriorated skin, we reveal fresher, healthier cells growing underneath, offering a younger, firmer appearance.

Thanks to the expert consultation of our advanced estheticians, you can feel reassured about your suitability for these treatments. We’ll work to address your unique needs and ensure that your skin is ready for this procedure and properly cared for afterward. Book your appointment or consultation today to get started on improved skin!

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Answers to Your Dermaplaning Questions

It does not! Hormonal processes under the skin are the only things that can chemically change the structure or color of hair. Dermaplaning does not cause any chemical changes. We are getting close to the skin to remove dead cells, and as a side effect, we are also taking off peach fuzz along the way.

Dermaplaning is a specific method where a certified and licensed advanced esthetician approaches the skin at a precise angle with a medical-grade scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. Because the angle and blade are so specialized, it is very different from shaving at home.

Eyebrow razors are inaccurate and dull, which can cause microtears, pulling, and rashes on the skin. In many cases, these razors can also cause ingrown hairs and acne from their design or improper use.

Yes! It offers powerful healing results that improve your skin. We have 30-minute or hour-long options where you can enjoy a customized facial, and dermaplaning is built into the service. You may add dermaplaning to any treatment (even chemical peels) for a deeper exfoliation.


Our Dermaplaning Options

Express Dermaplaning$58

A shorter version of our full dermaplaning facial, this treatment is still a potent and effective method of skin resurfacing for those who are short on time. The treatment includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning, light extractions if time allows, cleanser or toner, and any serums, hydrators, moisturizers, balms, and SPF as needed.


This therapeutic facial is a powerful method of exfoliation used to remove dead skin and promote a resurfaced, brighter complexion. The treatment includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning, extractions if needed, cleanser or toner, facial and/or neck and décolletage massage, and LED light therapy, serums, hydrators, moisturizers, balms, and SPF as needed.

Discover Thorough Exfoliation

Build a Brighter Complexion

Reveal resurfaced skin and a brighter, healthier complexion. With no downtime and impressive results, this treatment offers guests naturally younger-looking skin and improved cellular wellness.

From fine lines and sun damage to acne scars and dullness or dryness, dermaplaning can refresh and nourish your cells. At The Skin Suite, we empower guests with treatments that make a difference in their overall skincare routine and offer powerful results. Don’t wait to start your skin improvement journey—make an appointment today!

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