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Acne Treatment

There are many reasons for acne-prone skin, ranging from hormones to lifestyle choices, and no matter the cause, many people feel helpless to deal with it on a daily basis. At The Skin Suite, we’re here to empower our guests with science-backed treatments and practices that address the root causes of their acne.

Teen acne and adult acne alike can benefit from our services. With soothing products and techniques designed to reduce pain and inflammation, guests enjoy better-feeling skin from day one. With regular Acne Boot Camp facials and custom skin consultations, you’re sure to start seeing improved results and healthier skin.

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Don’t Let Acne Control You

Feel more confident in your skin with a skin consult and personalized acne facial.

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Science-Backed Solutions

Advanced Acne Treatment in Boardman, OH

Our Acne Boot Camp facial is the top treatment method we offer in-office for both chronic and occasional acne problems. With sessions that take place every 2-3 weeks, we tailor each appointment to help you develop smoother, healthier, more comfortable skin. For both in-office and at-home care, we carry and use exceptional products, such as those from the industry-leading brand Face Reality.


Our advanced training helps us provide guests with the best products and techniques for reducing inflammation and irritation.


None of our treatments are fluff or filler—each and every one provides your skin and body with powerful support and nourishment.


Our treatments are always results-oriented to your unique goals and are designed to promote healthier skin on a cellular level.

Gentle Yet Powerful

Protect & Maintain Your Skin with an Acne Facial

Like all our custom facials, your acne treatment facial will include a soothing double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions as necessary, a facial massage if time permits, and a tailored combination of serums, hydrators, moisturizers, balms, and SPF. Your esthetician will assess your skin thoroughly to determine the right acne products for you.

This facial is great for treating acne, including blackheads and whiteheads, and can help reduce breakouts when you’re under stress, experiencing hormone shifts, or facing lifestyle pressures. When performed regularly every 2-3 weeks, our Acne Boot Camp facial is great at addressing persistent skin conditions and improving skin health long-term. Discover the benefits for yourself today!

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Answers to Your Acne Treatment Questions

With a custom skin consultation from our expert estheticians, you can feel confident in our recommendations for skincare products and treatments designed to achieve your goals. We’re trained in the most advanced skincare techniques, and we stock a variety of products to support all our clients.

Yes! We’re experienced and trained in handling all types of acne. The Skin Suite team can design and implement an in-office and at-home skincare treatment plan to help you develop healthier skin, long-term.

The time it takes to see desired results will depend on your skin and your skin goals. Our team will work with you to set realistic expectations and adjust them as your treatment progresses. We will be here to offer guidance and support throughout your journey.

BioRePeel is a pharmaceutically developed mix of vitamins and amino acids designed to stimulate new skin growth, while mitigating UV damage, fading scarring, and reducing the effects of fine lines and aging. Besides having anti-aging and refreshing effects, it is an excellent treatment for problematic and acne-prone skin.

The innovative formula helps clear stubborn blockages in pores and deep blackheads that are not reachable through regular facial treatments. BioRePeel’s antibacterial effect also reduces acne breakouts and complications associated with it. For suitable results, please plan to book 3-5+ treatments performed every 7-10 days according to your specific, esthetician-recommended treatment plan.

Check out our Chemical Peels page to learn more!


Our Acne Treatment Menu

Acne Boot Camp Facial$44

This targeted treatment is one of our specialized custom-fit facials. Recommended for both adult acne and teen acne, this 25-minute treatment should be performed every 2-3 weeks as needed for skin revision. It includes double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, a gentle facial massage if time allows, and products targeted to your skin’s specific needs.

Skin Consultation$60

A skin consult with one of our expert estheticians will help you find the right acne treatments and products to address your skin’s unique needs. We analyze your skin, your concerns, your lifestyle, and your budget to create a long-term plan for your desired results. Within 2-3 days, we follow up with a detailed, well-explained treatment plan and suggested product regimen.


When recommended by a licensed esthetician, BioRePeel can be an excellent treatment for reducing acne breakouts and clearing deep blackheads or pore blockages. This peel dissolves bonds between cells to exfoliate the top layer of skin and reveal a smooth, fresh surface underneath. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions and other products as needed.

Take Control of Your Skin

Empower Yourself with Better Treatments

Whether this is your first time dealing with acne or it’s been a lifelong problem, The Skin Suite offers powerful, top-of-the-line treatment methods that address the root causes of your acne. Our advanced professional training and years of skincare experience have helped guests reach their skin goals with simplicity, and we can help you, too! During your treatment sessions, we pass our knowledge on to you so that you can enjoy lasting, long-term results.

We want to see you enjoy the skin you’re in, and we work hard to help you create a healthy foundation on a cellular level. By nourishing your skin with custom treatments and the best products on the market (that won’t break the bank), we help you combat acne and improve your overall skin wellness.

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