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Revitalize Your Skin
DMK Enzyme Therapy

As skin ages, it becomes subject to dryness, decreased volume, and dullness—all caused by the slowing of our internal processes. This may seem stressful and inevitable, but DMK Enzyme Therapy fights back, helping guests rejuvenate, revitalize, and heal their skin. Through oxygenation and detoxification, it promotes natural processes, helping the skin function as young, healthy skin should.

Like our Custom Facials, this bespoke treatment is intended to work with your natural body chemistry. It encourages blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while using reverse osmosis to flush away toxins and free radicals and stimulate collagen production! This treatment is designed to powerfully and effectively create long-lasting results for naturally healthier, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

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Find True Rejuvenation

Promote natural collagen production and cellular improvement for healthier, younger-looking skin.

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Non-Surgical Facelift

Boardman’s Source for DMK Enzyme Therapy

The DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment is a hard-setting mask for the face and décolletage, containing living enzymes. These enzymes stimulate your body’s own naturally occurring enzymes, encouraging and accelerating cellular processes (like oxygenation and collagen production). Enzyme therapy can benefit all skin and all skin types, but it is especially potent for treating signs of aging, acne, sun damage, pigmentation, scarring, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Discover targeted benefits below.


Promote blood flow, oxygenation, and natural cell health. Your skin will be glowing from within in no time at all!


Collagen production is the key factor in a full and youthful appearance, and this treatment stimulates natural collagen development.


Although this treatment is designed for true healing first, many people find it very relaxing to sit and let this mask nourish their skin.

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Sustainable Results

Discover the Benefits of DMK Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy is the most efficient and comprehensive way to achieve true skin revision through lymphatic drainage and oxygen therapy. Guests should start at Level 1 and let our skin experts guide them through the process of gradually increasing treatment levels.

At every level, our DMK enzyme treatments consist of a double cleanse, exfoliation, a sebum soak and extractions if necessary, pore tonic, serum application, an enzyme application that sits for 45 minutes, enzyme removal, and any serums, hydrators, balms, or SPF as needed. You will be prescribed the proper home care to supplement and help maintain your results, and you should expect to book more than one enzyme to ensure your results in your revision journey.

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Answers to Your DMK Enzyme Therapy Questions

Clients should have no new Botox or filler 2-3 weeks before this treatment or one day after, as it can be dissolved with this treatment.

Yes, you can buy enzyme therapy in two different packages, and both packages save you money overall on your enzyme treatments. Our 3-pack includes 10% off DMK products for the life of your package. Our 6-pack includes 25% off DMK products for the life of your package.

In addition to our powerful in-office treatments, we sell the Foamy Lift Kit version, which you can apply to yourself at home. We also recommend and sell at-home treatments to support our in-office enzyme therapy for real and sustainable results.

Clients will notice the “plasmatic effect” (reddened capillaries as your circulatory system is stimulated), which can last for about 20 minutes. Other rare side effects can include slight redness, skin irritation or mild itching, temporary hyperpigmentation, and mild swelling within the first 24 hours. Some skin flaking, dryness, or peeling may occur within the first 72 hours after treatment.


Our DMK Enzyme Therapy Menu

Enzyme Level 1$195

Start your enzyme treatments at this level, designed to offer gentle acclimation and powerful results for first-time guests. Our treatments are tailored to your skin’s needs, and we will guide you through the enzyme therapy process. This tier will help transition your skin into the treatment without compromising on the beneficial results.

Enzyme Level 2$249

The second tier in our enzyme therapy treatment is recommended only once you have had an Enzyme Level 1 treatment. We customize every treatment to your needs and use each session to build on your improving skin as we carefully develop your desired results. Our expert estheticians will carefully assess your skin at every appointment to determine next steps.

Enzyme Level 3$300

This is the third tier in our enzyme therapy treatment, which we recommend only after you have had an Enzyme Level 2 treatment. Taking these treatments at the right pace ensures the health and wellness of your cells and the overall longevity of your results. Trust our advanced skincare specialists to guide you on your best journey to healing and skin improvement.

3 Package$600

Save on your treatments when you buy our 3 pack of sessions. Enzyme therapy requires multiple sessions to build and maintain lasting results, and we offer guests the benefit of purchasing multiple sessions at once to save on the overall cost. Our 3-pack includes a 10% discount on supporting DMK products for the life of your package.

6 Package$1200

Build and maintain your lasting results from enzyme therapy by purchasing a 6 pack of treatments. Not only will you save money on your enzyme appointments, but your 6-pack purchase also entitles you to 25% off of supporting DMK products for the life of your package. Continued sessions will help you see more sustained benefits from these treatments.

Replenish & Rejuvenate

Natural Stimulate Cellular Processes

Enjoy a healthier appearance and smoother skin with DMK Enzyme Therapy. This treatment works by breaking down dead skin cell tissues, hydrating the cells, detoxifying and removing skin impurities, and lifting and tightening via collagen production.

This treatment is formulated to be the foundation of DMK Skin Revision treatments, enhancing your natural cellular function and working to provide long-lasting results. You’ll even be able to feel it working as your capillaries dilate, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. At The Skin Suite, we’re dedicated to signature treatments that offer holistic skin improvement—experience the scientifically backed difference today!

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