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LED Light Therapy

With advanced technology and red/near-infrared light, people around the world are taking a stand against the slowing of cellular processes. First harnessed by NASA to help increase cell activity, LED light therapy produces skin-safe red and near-infrared light.

At specific wavelengths, LED light can be applied by trained estheticians to improve cellular health. It stimulates natural healing processes and promotes collagen production to help your cells function as they should. LED light has the power to reduce inflammation, kill acne-causing bacteria, activate collagen production, and more. Experience improvement for yourself when you take advantage of a drop-in appointment or add it on to your next facial treatment.

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Skin Health Powered by Light

Refresh and restore your skin with safe, powerful red, blue, and near-infrared light treatments.

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Enhance Natural Healing

LED Light Therapy in Boardman, OH

Enjoy cellular benefits as you improve the health of your skin on a cellular level. Our LED light therapy devices can treat a multitude of skin conditions at once, including sun damage, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles. LED treatments offer powerful, long-term results that build up over time with regular sessions. The application process can also be meditative and relaxing. Guests notice clearer, healthier skin that acts as an ideal foundation for no-makeup days or more advanced skin-improvement therapies.

Boosted Benefits

This therapy can be integrated with most other treatments to enhance natural results and give your face or body an extra level of skin prep.

Natural Results

At targeted wavelengths, LED light naturally encourages your cells to produce collagen and heal damage or improve skin conditions faster.

Readily Available

Because this therapy is available in our infrared saunas, we are able to treat multiple guests at once, meaning you have more opportunities to drop in.

Ready. Set. Revitalize.

On-the-Go & At-Home LED Light Therapy

The Skin Suite makes it easy to enjoy LED treatments whenever you need them with convenient drop-in appointment face or full body slots and at-home devices. In-office treatments can be added on to your other treatments or booked as drop-in appointments, which are hosted in our infrared saunas.

At-home LED light masks are available for purchase in our online store or in person at our spa. We also offer a full body device for those looking to take their at-home therapy to the next level. They are a great way to build on the results from our in-office treatments. Take the power of LED into your own hands and enjoy the relaxing, truly beneficial treatment in the comfort of your home.

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Answers to Your LED Light Therapy Questions

LED stands for light emitting diode, and it is a type of lightbulb that has many safe, innovative applications beyond brightening a space. LEDs work by emitting specific wavelengths of light, which can be beneficial for various concerns. LED light helps to supercharge the cells by increasing ATP (energy) to induce repair and stimulate collagen and elastin production while reducing inflammation.

Because this therapy stimulates your natural healing processes, it can take several appointments to start seeing results. It is a great, non-surgical treatment with simple, convenient methods for building and maintaining results. For the best results LED can be used everyday with at-home devices.

LED light therapy can treat many types of skin conditions, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin inflammation
  • Acne-causing bacteria

Absolutely! We love combining modalities, especially LED light therapy with treatments like hydrafacial and microchanneling to reduce inflammation and achieve faster results.

Yes! But be warned: not all LED light masks are approved for skin treatments. Make sure you buy yours from a reputable brand you trust.

Our in-office LED lights are FDA approved, offering you certified, intensive treatments and powerful results. At-home red and near-infrared devices are a great way to enjoy touch-ups and support the longevity of results.

Yes! Come enjoy our full body red LED light room to biohack your cells or our steamless infrared saunas, where your whole body will benefit from the dry heat and benefit from our far, near, and mid infrared lights. Our infrared saunas provide full-spectrum chromotherapy as well from red to blue to yellow to green. Memberships are available for the full body LED room and infrared saunas


Our LED Light Treatment Options

LED Light Drop-In$25

Drop in for a 30-minute light treatment. LED stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces inflammation, increases energy for cells, and much more. No cleansing or facial is performed. Please come with a clean face, as you will be relaxing under the light panel for 30 minutes. Used to treat acne and/or fine lines and wrinkles and reduce inflammation.

LED Light, Facial Add-On$25

Already have a facial treatment planned with us? LED light therapy works in combination with your facial treatment to reduce inflammation and provide enhanced, lasting health benefits. Ask us about adding it on to your next facial treatment!

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Start Seeing Results Sooner

Don’t wait to book your appointment—see natural improvements in your skin with LED light therapy. At The Skin Suite, we’re proud to offer our guests the latest in skin science, from our products to our techniques to the equipment technology we use in our office.

LED light therapy is one of our favorite therapies because it can be combined with other treatments to enhance overall results. You’ll appreciate the lasting health benefits and high-level results. Explore your treatment options today when you book a skin consultation or simply stop by for your ready-to-go light therapy appointment.

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