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Discretion & Comfort
Brazilian Waxing

From swimming at the beach to special occasions, having the right hair removal options at our fingertips makes it easier to enjoy life. Sharp stubble and awkward patches of hair that our razor missed can ruin intimate moments and cause self-consciousness when we’d least prefer it. With Brazilian and bikini waxing, you can feel carefree every day.

At The Skin Suite, we make your comfort and care a priority during intimate waxing treatments. By trusting your most delicate skin to our waxing professionals, you’re ensuring a greater level of health and safety. We’re certified, trusted skincare professionals and licensed waxing artists.

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Enjoy Smoother Skin

Experience an improved waxing experience and better intimate skin health.

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Exceptional Results

Expert Brazilian Waxing in Boardman, OH

For safety and care purposes, our Brazilian waxing services are intended only for guests with a vulva. If you would like to be ready before an event, we recommend getting 2-3 waxing sessions done in the months leading up to the event. These treatments are designed for thorough hair removal in tender areas, and our team is expertly trained to provide the best possible results for every guest.


Our waxing experts understand the unique needs of the skin in your intimate areas, and we ensure health and safety come first.


By providing a broad service menu for intimate waxing, we offer our guests the best variety of options to achieve their desired results.


Guests enjoy greater comfort and better results thanks to our recommended support products and treatment aftercare.

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Tailored For You

A Better Intimate Waxing Experience

Avoid the hassle of struggling with awkward angles, and stop stressing about razor burns, cuts, and skin tears. Let the waxing experts at The Skin Suite make intimate hair removal easy and straightforward. Our team has your comfort and the wellness of your skin in mind during every appointment, ensuring you see the best results possible.

You can also explore our other waxing services, including facial waxing and body waxing, for a simpler, more effective personal hygiene routine. With a full menu of waxing treatments, we make it easy to find the right options for you. Check out our booking platform to discover the best possible combination of add-ons to suit your needs.

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Answers to Your Brazilian Waxing Questions

The best tip we can offer before getting a Brazilian wax is to let your hair grow out for at least 3 weeks or more. We also recommend wearing loose clothing to your appointment and soft, comfortable underwear.

Aftercare for Brazilian waxing should include the following:

  • Keep the area clean (this includes avoiding sweating and strenuous activity)
  • Avoid heat if possible (this includes hot showers, saunas, and hot tubs)
  • Moisturize with recommended products
  • Stick to a waxing routine for better long-term results

Yes, all of our waxing treatments are safe during pregnancy. Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions, although we recommend speaking with your healthcare provider to address your concerns before you undergo any new treatments.


Our Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Options

Bikini Wax$35

Remove the hair that falls outside of the bikini line for better beach days and a tidier intimate area. This includes hair removed from the inner thighs and near the waistline. Hair must be 2-3+ weeks grown out, although 4+ weeks is preferred. Intimate waxing is recommended at most on a schedule of every 4-6 weeks.

Brazilian Front Only$56

First-time guests and returning guests alike can book this treatment. Front-only Brazilian waxing removes all hair from the front of the vulva, excluding the backside. Hair must be 3+ weeks grown out, although 4+ weeks is preferred. Brazilians are recommended on a schedule of every 4-6 weeks, no sooner.

Brazilian Wax - First or Lapsed Guest$69

This is the perfect treatment for your first-time waxing appointment or if it has been 2+ months since your last Brazilian. A full Brazilian waxing removes all of the hair from the front to the back of the vulva and in between the cheeks. Hair must be 3+ weeks grown out, although 4+ weeks is preferred. Brazilians are recommended on a schedule of every 4-6 weeks, no sooner.

Brazilian Wax - Maintenance $64

For guests who stick to a regular waxing maintenance routine, this option ensures the best hair removal results on an ongoing basis. Hair is removed from the entire vulva from front to back and in between the cheeks. We recommend sticking to an appointment schedule of every 4-6 weeks and no sooner.

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Elevated Hair Removal

Turn Your Body to Professional Maintenance

At The Skin Suite, we offer our guests an elevated level of care and respect during every appointment. Any kind of hair removal can feel like an intimate process, but this is especially true of your bikini area. Whether it’s your first visit or it’s been a while since your last appointment, we’ll make your visit as comfortable and simple as possible.

As skin experts, we’re dedicated to your overall wellness, and we’re proud to bring our expertise to the delicate matter of hair removal. Trust our highly qualified team to put their years of training and experience to your greatest advantage. Book your appointment today!

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