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Advanced Skincare
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Skin treatments shouldn’t simply be about relaxation and topical, temporary relief from skin concerns. At The Skin Suite Spa, our signature clinical and holistic services promote change on a cellular level. We offer new guest appointments to help you get started on the right foot. We’re certified in an extensive range of modalities to help you continually see the best results.

Guests enjoy that the majority of our treatments are designed to work in unison, to achieve the best results. Pair an infrared sauna before your treatments for full-body improvements, or book a facial that targets signs of aging in combination with dermaplaning. For heightened guidance schedule a new guest consultation. Discover your options in our service menu below.

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Rebuild, Improve, and Maintain Healthy Skin

Restorative skincare is in your reach at The Skin Suite—book your appointment today to get started.

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Healing-Based Beauty

Discover Better Skincare in Boardman, OH

Custom Facials

Personalize your skincare journey with a consultation and targeted treatments.

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Vortex technology suctions dead skin, blackheads, and debris from skin with this patented facial.

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Enjoy smooth results with our accelerated body waxing techniques.

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Chemical Peels

Experience mild to moderate chemical exfoliation tailored to your skin needs for powerful results.

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Harness the power of stem cells and growth factors.

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Acne Treatment

Realistic solutions for calming your occasional or chronic acne.

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DMK Enzyme Therapy

Activates your bodies lymphatic and circulatory system to improve skin health and appearance.

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Infrared Saunas

Enjoy a relaxing, full-body detox for better skin, sleep, immunity, and more.

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Reach Your Skin Goals
Experience Restorative Skincare
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Discover Improved Skin Health

The Skin Suite team is proud to offer a wide range of treatments for the greatest benefit of our guests. We have the skills and knowledge to address almost any concern with a high level of care to achieve the desired results. We pride ourselves on supporting every individual as efficiently as possible with services in all price ranges to help guests reach their goals in a realistic timeframe.

If you are looking to induce real change and transform your skin, we recommend the New Guest Consult + Treatment, which includes a personal consultation and a long-term plan for achieving your skin goals. Existing guests can also book skin consultations to reconfigure their long-term plans in-depth, in addition to scheduling desired new treatments suited to their needs. Explore our website to review and book any of our services, or reach out to our team with your questions.

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