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Meet Our Team.
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Advanced Esthetician - Skin Revision Expert - Brazilian Wax Expert

Natalie, the proprietor and CEO of The Skin Suite, embarked on her journey in the skincare field back in 2015. In 2018, she established The Skin Suite. Natalie is a proud Advanced Esthetician alumna of Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture and Youngstown State University where she earned a degree in General Studies of Public Health. With an impressive tally of more than 50 certifications to her name, no skin issue is too big or small for her expertise. Like every member of our team, she maintains an unwavering commitment to continuously advancing her skills and maintaining a high level of professional industry knowledge. Natalie advocates for The Skin Suite to be a workplace where employees derive enjoyment from their roles and establish sustainable, long-lasting careers within the skincare industry.

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